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Since 1999, Happiness has led the Internet consulting industry, focusing on web, intranet, and interactive solutions. We prioritize usability and user experience in our design and development, favoring Drupal and WordPress for their robust, flexible, and open-source capabilities.

Drupal: The CMS for Enterprises

Drupal excels in scalability and flexibility, making it ideal for large organizations needing a sophisticated CMS to manage extensive networks. Its global use and tens of thousands of installations highlight its status as a top open-source CMS.

WordPress: The Go-To CMS 

WordPress is renowned for its ease of use and versatility, suitable for any size business. Its user-friendly interface and extensive plugins cater to a variety of websites, reinforced by a strong global community, ensuring reliability and adaptability for managing digital presence.

At Happiness, we offer services designed to optimize the possibilities of both Drupal and WordPress, including:

  • Development - We excel in custom coding, ensuring that each project is built to meet specific organizational needs.
  • Design - Our design services span graphical user interfaces, interaction design, and user experience, all aimed at creating intuitive and engaging digital environments.
  • Strategy - From concept development to digital strategy, we provide insightful guidance to align your online presence with your business goals.

Distinguished Clients and Projects

Our portfolio includes collaborations with both large and medium-sized entities across various sectors, demonstrating our capacity to deliver exceptional results for a diverse clientele. Notable partnerships include:

  • Karolinska Institutet (KI): A world leader in medical research and education, contributing significantly to Sweden's medical academic research.
  • Grand Hôtel Stockholm: Sweden's iconic 5-star hotel, embodying luxury and elegance.
  • RISE: The Swedish Research Institute, a hub for innovation with an extensive network of testbeds and demonstration facilities.
  • Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation: A leading supporter of Swedish scientific research, significantly funding advancements in knowledge and innovation.
  • Loomis: A global leader in cash handling services, operating across more than 20 countries with a workforce of 23,000 employees.
  • The Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society, MUCF: A key organization of youth involvement and civil society, enhancing young people's empowerment in Sweden.
  • Malmö Opera: The premier opera venue in Southern Sweden, offering a rich program of performances.
  • Industrifonden: A key player in Sweden's venture capital landscape, supporting innovative enterprises.

Our focus on Drupal and WordPress, along with our dedication to quality, allows us to offer clear and effective digital solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

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